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Have you ever wondered why some salespeople smash targets while others struggle?

Grow Sales was born in April 2013. Led by David Shannon and supported by a team of experienced Associate Partners and facilitators. We combine our unique blend of skills and lifelong learnings, from senior commercial and leadership roles, with the unique data and insights of the Objective Management Group - the pioneer in Sales Force Evaluations and sales candidate screening. Combined, our services deliver sales results that are both extraordinary and sustainable. Real sales development is a process, not an event.

What makes us unique is that we diagnose where the actual gaps are regarding your team’s skills, and your current supporting systems, processes, and strategies, before we prescribe the fix. No more guesswork or “gut feelings” needed. Real measures of sales effectiveness, execution, and potential.

There are many pretenders out there, including personality and behavioural-styles assessments, that are especially useful in many ways, but they are not a predictor of sales success. Ours is, and it has an independently validated rating of 95% to predicting actual sales performance.

Sales training on its own just does not work. All research indicates that there is no long-term benefit to once off sales training because only 7-10% of the content is remembered after 90 days. Real change takes time, and we favour a blended approach, for both your Mangers and your sales team, integrated over a realistic timeframe, that will transform your team’s performance, and significantly increase your revenue growth and profitability.

Many sales training companies assume everyone in the room is the same, but we at Grow Sales, start by assuming everyone is different, and have different strengths and weaknesses that either support or hinder them in executing effectively in their primary roles. We tell you the why.

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Dave Shanon

Founder and MD of Grow Sales

“I have always been passionate about making a difference, about helping to grow people to their true potential. I particularly enjoy pragmatically solving complex sales problems, and helping coach and mentor business owners and leaders, to map out a clear pathway to grow their businesses. If you’re not getting outside your comfort zone, you’re not growing”.

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